directed by Hong Khaou

CAST : Ben Whishaw, Pei-pei Cheng, Leila Wong, Andrew Leung


Anonymous asked: this is going to sound stupid but is there anywhere i can watch Lilting being here in Canada? ever since it premiered ive been searching everywhere for a link or something to no success

I haven’t found a link, either. :/

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"Every week we’d drive down and get cheap tickets for these incredible shows, so all my idols when I was teenager, weirdly, were theatre actors. Before that, I remember watching films and I think that’s probably when I realised that there was this thing called ‘an actor’, but seeing Michael Gambon, Mark Rylance and people like that give astonishing performances when I was fourteen – they were the people that I remember seeing and going: ‘Wow, what is that that they’re doing? It’s so powerful.’"
— Ben Whishaw on theater
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"The emotional nakedness of Whishaw’s performance is without doubt Khaou’s biggest asset, even if his character’s selflessness and unwavering sense of responsibility border on sainthood. The actor lends substance to a film of such gossamer airiness that, without him, it might simply float away."
— David Rooney, Lilting: Sundance Review (x)
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Thanks, M! <3

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"Even today, England is a very repressed repressive country, and there’s pressure to be kind of a certain way, so people do things that ultimately make them sad. I’m not sure that much has changed; not as much as one might like or hope."
— Ben Whishaw about the difference between being a gay actor in 1956 and today (x). 
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Years & Years — Real 

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Anonymous asked: Ben's teeth look too white and too straight for an englishman. Are you aware of any info he's got veneers or smth (maybe before/after old photos)? Thank you!

Eh… Sorry,  I don’t. 

Pia x