"Whishaw, still currently best known as the fresh, younger version of Q from Skyfall, is the man now tasked with bringing new voice to the bear. “I resisted a little bit, because I had a bad experience doing this kind of work in the past and I thought I was no good at it. But I was persuaded to go, slightly grudgingly,’ Whishaw tells Baz Bamigboye, admitting that he had “no relationship to Paddington whatsoever, other than that I knew he wore a duffle coat and a hat”. He was eventually convinced however, by the idea that it’ll please his 18-month-old niece."
this article from Empire (via cartoon-heart)
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Track Title: Ben Whishaw, Two Poems by Pablo Neruda

Artist: The Poetica podcast

Album: Liz Eckhart's Album


Ben Whishaw reading two poems by Pablo Neruda, “Ode to the Sea” and “Love Sonnet LXXVII.”

Death is only the stone of oblivion.
I love you. Into your mouth I kiss happiness.
Let’s gather firewood. Let’s light a fire on the mountain.

(My edit from the Poetica podcast “Tides.”)

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Track Title: E. A. Poe, "Annabel Lee"

Artist: Read by Ben Whishaw

Album: The Poetica podcast


Ben Whishaw reading “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe. I’ve never heard the strange, tender, spooky heart of it quite so clearly.

(My audio edit from the Poetica podcast, “Tides.”)

chenlang-stupidhead asked: Does Ben watch the World cup

No idea. 

"Set in contemporary London and starring Ben Whishaw, Lilting tells the story of a Cambodian-Chinese mother mourning the untimely death of her son whose world is suddenly disrupted by the presence of a stranger. We observe the difficulties the two have in trying to communicate and connect without a common language. But through a translator they slowly piece together memories of a man they both loved dearly and realize that while they may not share a language, they are connected in their grief…"

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monicainfatti asked: I am sorry to read you don't have time for your blog, as I enjoy it so much. Is it just temporary?

I don’t know? I’m not planning on giving it up, but I do wish I have someone helping me run this place. :)



Directed by Trevor Nunn


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Playhouse Presents: Foxtrot [Trailer]

Billie Piper and Alice Sanders star as kidnappers whose icy boss (Lindsay Duncan) and withdrawn victim (Ben Whishaw) threaten to blight their plans. Drama by award-winning playwright Polly Stenham.

Foxtrot is on Thursday 29th May at 9pm


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GET TO KNOW ME | [2/∞] Male Celebrities 
»  Ben Whishaw

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Anonymous asked: hehe I just looked through your whole blog ahhhhhh I love it so much. and I love Ben ;w;

Aw, thank you! <333

Pia x

Richard II, Act III, Scene II

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directed by Hong Khaou

CAST : Ben Whishaw, Pei-pei Cheng, Leila Wong, Andrew Leung


Anonymous asked: this is going to sound stupid but is there anywhere i can watch Lilting being here in Canada? ever since it premiered ive been searching everywhere for a link or something to no success

I haven’t found a link, either. :/